Winter Blues 

And the adventure begins!
My very first blog post!

It’s the start of a new year and what better way to kick off a new year with a new country!?

Recently, I traveled to the Yucatán Peninsula and stayed in the beautiful Riviera Maya. It was my first time in Mexico, believe it or not, and I had THE BEST time! It is truly a beautiful country!

We stayed at the Catalonia Riviera Maya, and let me tell ya, this is one beautiful resort! It felt so tropical with the wild iguanas (yes, iguanas!) roaming around the resort. I also learned the straw hut roofs were not just some tropical theme, but it is actually a symbol of the Mayan culture. The Mayans were the first people to civilize in the Yucatán, and it was so interesting to learn their customs and culture.

The Beaches

The white sands and crystal blue waters are just absolutely breathtaking. I definitely got plenty saltwater therapy, basking under the sun and enjoying the waves. I mean, I’ll just leave these pictures here and let it do the talking…

Beach at Tulum Ruins
Playa Paraiso

Things to do & places to see

While in Mexico, my family and I had the opportunity to do various activities like riding ATV’s and zip lining through the jungle. I highly recommend checking out an “eco-park” if you have the time. It’s like a wildlife amusement park! We checked out Emotions Native Park for half of the day. 

We walked the streets of Playa Del Carmen, but my absolute favorite thing to do was visit the ancient ruins of Tulum, the last Mayan City.


We learned so much about the Mayan civilization and how that region of Mexico still implements many of their traditions in their life today.

Like did you know that most of those cities (Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya, etc. get most of their freshwater supply from the Cenotes)!? Cenotes are like underwater caves with water so clear, you can basically see the bottom floor from above water. They were originally limestone caverns that have collapsed and formed openings for fresh water to come through. This is one piece of nature you definitely have to see for yourself! Cenotes were very sacred to the Mayans and believed the underground rivers were the entry to the underworld.

Swimming in Cenote Media Luna

Mexico was a great summery getaway from the semi-winters we experience in Texas (currently 84 degrees but will drop to 45 tonight). If you get the chance to getaway, I definitely recommend Riviera Maya and Tulum! It was very touristy but I didn’t at all feel too overcrowded or overwhelmed while there.
Now sitting here back in Texas daydreaming about which beach I’ll be off to next….

My mom, sister, & I at Playa Paraiso in Tulum

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